These Tips Will Help You To Safely Hike The Tongariro Crossing This Summer

These Tips Will Help You To Safely Hike The Tongariro Crossing This Summer

You can park at the park and ride hub just down the road form the end of the track, off SH46. And book you bus to the start with 1.5 litres is the minimum amount that is required per person. The track runs alongside a hut that has water for emergency stay in it. It is not considered an emergency if you forget to bring enough water.

Is Tongariro Crossing worth it?

  • The track then follows around the edge of the central crater, and climbs back up to Blue Lake, which is a cold acidic lake. Please do not swim in the lake or eat near its edges as it is sacred. There are toilet facilities at the start of the track, then again around 20 minutes from the start at the Mangatepopo Hut.

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    There are many factors that can put hikers in danger, including the unpredictable alpine conditions and narrow, slippery areas of the tracks. So, as far as volcanic territory goes, you’re stepping right into the heart of it on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. You’ll be prepared for any eruption as long as you are aware of the signs and have checked any potential dangers before you go. However, trekkers will need to exercise a little common sense once they are aware of the length and ascent of the walk. To avoid getting into trouble on the tracks, you must have a reasonable level of fitness and you must be physically capable. You can do the Tongariro Alpine Crossing solo or with a guide in the winter.

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    Clear visibility and no strong wind is required to safely climb Mount Ngauruhoe. You also need good fitness – the volcano is steep, and the surface is mainly loose rock and stones .

    What should I bring to Tongariro Crossing

    You will be provided with safety information and a map by the shuttle operator. The Department of Conservation recommends that visitors access the track via a shuttle from Whakapapa, National Park Village, Turangi, Taupo or Ohakune. Day Walking Guide Day walks are a great way to enjoy New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes. In line with the change to Government guidelines, we wish to advise that we have changed our travel requirements and no longer require a vaccine pass or a COVID-19 test.

    South Crater is not a real crater but a basin that may have been glacially carved, and has since filled with sediment from the surrounding ridges. An explosion pit in the southeast part of the crater formed around 14,000 years ago. Ngauruhoe’s lava is a result of an 1870 eruption. Near the head of the Mangatepopo Valley a short sidetrack leads to the cold water Soda Springs, which seep to the surface in a boggy area at the head of the stream. The springs are an oasis for the moisture loving yellow buttercups . Note the different colours on the lava flows as

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