Hey do not surprise to see the name of the title because you would be thinking that this post would be about the movie but this is the name of the most popular pokies game which will thrill you by its graphics and theme. The world of gambling will give you the name of events which are based on many unique and different which would be based on anything which would you think such as movies, flora, fauna and many more.

If you would have not seen the movie you watch it through online and you will also get the trailer from youtube also. I got to know about this event from my uncle who is very much fond of gambling and he suggested me to go for the play of The Dark Knight which is based on the subject of the movie. The event is featured to you by the microgaming with the options of five reels and large number of ways of winning which is about 243.

Before making the start of any contest you should take the complete review of the blog and make the complete analysis of the summary which is provided. You will get many chances to make the win of the awards and you can also make the win of certain credits and bonuses. You will get the wild symbols which will give you the max awards and the wild one of this contest is the logo of the game.

During the play you will have to decide to take the side of the animated character which is the Batman and the Bane because both will reward you with different return gifts. Graphics and the presentation of this one will give you the feel as if you are in the movie and taking the fun with the ride of the characters and the music of this one is out of the world. Go for the combo of film and betting.